Your Nervous System and Premature Ejaculation

By Matt Gorden, Creator, Ejaculation Trainer

Your nervous system plays an important role in the length of time you can last in bed. Let us discuss in this article how the nervous system corresponds to the length of time you can last before reach a climax.

Your nervous system is divided into two different sub-systems. These two sub-systems are called the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. What does your central nervous system consist of? It consists of both your bran and your spinal cord. As for your peripheral nervous system, it ties into both your brain and your spinal cord. However, your peripheral nervous system also reaches out to everything else inside your body such as all your organs and all your limbs. What is the purpose of your nervous system? It is to interpret all the sensations and information from your surroundings, such as visual, mental, and physical. After it interprets the sensations/information, then it commands your body what to do and how to react. The entire process is achieved by generating and transmitting neat electrical impulses to and from the central and the peripheral nervous systems. So, in short, the nervous system of a human body is simply and basically the command center that instructs your body how to react and what to do to any specific event or situation.

Your peripheral nervous system is divided into different sub-systems as well. Beneath your peripheral nervous system are the autonomic nervous system and the somatic nervous system.

Then, beneath your autonomic nervous system are your sympathetic nervous system and your parasympathetic nervous system.

Are you still following?

The sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system are what this article will be focusing on, because these two systems are directly related to your arousal, erection, and of course ejaculation.

First, let us examine your sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is not merely just about on or off. It consists several different levels, and the intensity of the level is actually based on the intensity of the pressure and stress you experience. If you experience a positive action/stress, the level will peak during ejaculation and orgasm. IF you experience a negative action/stress, the level will also peak such as when you face a dangerous life-threatening situation.

Imagine your sympathetic nervous system as something that “consumes energy”. Therefore, if you run it too far, it will cause you to ejaculate.

Now, imagine your parasympathetic nervous system as something that actually “conserves energy”. Therefore, if your keep yourself in a parasympathetic state, you will be able to delay ejaculation, even when your penis is fully erected.

So, your sympathetic nervous system is simply the opposite of your parasympathetic nervous system. While your parasympathetic nervous system is known for “rest and digest”, your sympathetic nervous system is known for “fight or flight”. The best word that can be used to described the parasympathetic nervous system is “relaxation”. The only way for your parasympathetic system to kick into gear is when you keep your mind relaxed and clear, and when your body is not dealing with a stressful situation.

The book “Ejaculation Trainer” by Matt Gorden offers much more detail about the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system and it teaches you to manipulate these two systems so you may as longer than before. Once you master your own nervous systems, it will be a lot easier for  you to delay premature ejaculation and prolong orgasm.

About the author:

Matt Gorden is the creator of “Ejaculation Trainer“, a program that teaches men how to maintain mental so they can delay ejaculation and last longer. What distinguish his program from others is that it does not neglect any minor factor that may contribute to your premature ejaculation problem. If you are looking for a natural and

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