The Negative Psychological Effects of Premature Ejaculation

By Matt Gorden, Creator, Ejaculation Trainer

There is much debate regarding the real definition of premature ejaculation; the length of time a man has to last, whether or not it has to affect only the man or both the man and his partner, whether there ought to be more than one category for situational vs. general premature ejaculation. While many of those factors are debatable, only one thing is for certain. That is the unfortunate truth that the problem of premature ejaculation can have a huge negative psychological impact on any man who wishes to have a healthy sex life.

A man experiences a lot of pressure when it comes to wanting to perform well sexually. Being good in bed is perhaps considered even more important than having the ability to fix around the house or to hunt a deer. The society which we live in links a man’s sexual ability with his worth as a real man. Therefore, when a man begins to realize he is having trouble fulfilling his woman sexually, it is going to take a huge psychological toll on him. After many failed performances in the bedroom, a man is likely to fell into depression, lose sleep at night, and become more and more irritable. A lot of premature ejaculation sufferers tend to feel that they do not possess control over their own bodies and their sexual abilities. Whenever one of these PE sufferers attempts to perform in bed, his self-doubt can definitely make his problem worse, dropping his self-esteem to almost zero. This may turn into a vicious cycle if not properly dealt with.

Such negative impact on the self-esteem of a man can drastically affect every aspect of his relationships. A single man may even shy away from sex due to fear or rejection and sexual embarrassment, even if he is genuinely straight and interested in women. After a period of time, he may start cutting himself off from any type of social situation due to falling self-esteem. As for a man who is already in a relationship, he is going to suffer from a rift between him and his partner. He is ashamed of his own poor sexual performance, his woman has no idea what to do and what to say, and then both the man and the woman are left unsatisfied and very frustrated. If premature ejaculation is not resolved, it can eventually end a relationship no matter how strong the love was. Moreover, premature ejaculation can cause a man to become very insecure as he constantly has to worry about whether his woman is being satisfied by someone else who can perform better than him in the sack. Such insecurity may definitely lead to even more tension between both partners since not only communication between them has taken a hit, but the trust between them begins to fail as well.

All the negative psychological effects caused by the problem of premature ejaculation can rapidly spiral out of control. The more depressed and frustrated a man gets about his sexual inability, the more his confidence, self-esteem and relationship are going to take a hit. This negative impact on his self-esteem and personal life is going to make him lose his ability to control ejaculation even more, and result in even thoughts of suicide. If you think this sounds like you, you need to know it not necessary for you to keep spiraling downwards through the abyss of premature ejaculation. Many effective solutions are available for combating the problem.

The “Ejaculation Trainer” By Matt Gorden examines every single aspect of PE, including how you should address the psychological factors as a PE sufferer.

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Matt Gorden is the creator of “Ejaculation Trainer“, a program that teaches men how to maintain mental so they can delay ejaculation and last longer. What distinguish his program from others is that it does not neglect any minor factor that may contribute to your premature ejaculation problem. If you are looking for a natural and

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