The Causes of Your Premature Ejaculation

By Matt Gorden, Creator, Ejaculation Trainer

The problem of premature ejaculation for any man is both embarrassing and frustrating and statistically most men get to experience PE to some extent at some point of their lifetime. A lot of people do not know that there really is not one cause that can be singled out as the sole cause of premature ejaculation, despite the frequency of it. However, there are various mental and psychological factors that have a big role in most PE cases. Some causes of premature ejaculation can have either physical or hormonal origins.

Studies have shown that numerous premature ejaculation cases actually have a link to a psychological influence. A man’s sexual experiences during his teenage years often have a large impact on how he handles his sexual arousal. When these men who in their adolescents, sex and masturbation often had to be rushed in order to avoid being caught. Because of this, the bodies of these men have been conditioned to reach orgasm as quick as possible whenever they are engaging in sexual intercourse after they become adults. Also, anxiety and guilt can reduce the ability of a man in controlling his arousal and ejaculation. A man experiences anxiety when he is afraid of not being able to perform in the sack. In most cases, the excitement the man is experiencing during sex becomes too much for him to handle, often because he either never experience such high level of excitement in the past or is simply just not used to it. Erectile dysfunction can also cause a man to ejaculate prematurely because men who suffer from it tend to rush through sex for fear of being unable to maintain his erection before it is lost. Overtime, this will cause the brain to hard-wire itself to reach orgasm as quick as possible, even when the man no longer worry about erectile dysfunction anymore. Also, studies have also shown that men who rarely or never experienced premature ejaculation will start to show symptoms of PE when he and his partner are experiencing interpersonal problems.

Several biological factors have been discovered to play a part in few cases of premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation caused by biological factors  are somewhat less frequent but still common to some small extent. The biological factors could include unusual abnormal levels of neurotransmitters or hormones in a man’s brain. Also, certain inherited traits or thyroid problems could be a biological factor. Research has found that there have been several rare cases of premature ejaculation caused by some kind of neurological damage from physical trauma, surgery or from withdrawals from narcotics. It has been found that biological causes of premature ejaculation appears to be a bit more frequent in cases where it has been a problem in a man’s entire life.

Although men of age can suffer from premature ejaculation, studies have shown that this problem is more common among younger adult males. Also, occurrences of PE may vary depending on the different situation the man is in. For example, a specific sexual situation, or a new sex partner could increase the frequency of PE. Also, a correlation exists between the ability of a man to control his ejaculation and sexual arousal and the length of time since he last had sex. Regardless of what the causes of premature ejaculation are, solutions for dealing with the problem are readily available.

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