The 3 Sure-fire Tactics that Will Stop Premature Ejaculation

By Lloyd Lester, Creator, Ejaculation By Command

Are you experiencing difficulty lasting long enough during sexual intercourse? If you are, you do not have to be ashamed or embarrassed about your issue. The truth is that there is a large number of guys out there who suffer from premature ejaculation, so you are definitely not the only one. And, there is definitely plenty solutions that you can use to stop premature ejaculation, satisfy your partner and completely improve your intimate life.

Surely you must have noticed numerous advertisements on medicine for premature ejaculation, portions, creams and sprays that claim to turn you into a stallion overnight. Some might work but what you need to realize is that these commercial products are merely short-term solutions that will never nip the problem in its bud. Worst still, a lot of these commercial solutions have been reported to cause allergic reactions and skin irritation down there, or even significantly decrease your sensitivity to sexual stimulation. Well, is that the kind of sex you want? Guess not.

This article is about to offer you 3 valuable tips that will naturally cure premature ejaculation and far better than any of those fad commercial solutions in the marketplace. After you master them, you will be able to hold back ejaculation until you are ready to climax.

#1 – Focus on your woman instead:

Why should you focus on your woman instead? Remember the reason you want to last longer in bed is so that you can satisfy her and once you satisfy her, she will go around and tell other women how good you are in the sack. So, how does focusing on your woman help you to prolong orgasm? The answer is that if you can bring her near to an orgasm before you actually penetrate her, you will not have to last too long later when the penetration occurs. Start by stimulating your woman with a some sensual foreplay, extensive sensual foreplay. Locate the “hot spots” on her body with your fingers and hands and tease them. Go down on her using some oral sex skills.

#2 – Switch up your routine:

Learn to know when to stop when you are about to reach the Point of No Return (PNR). That is the key. It requires effort to train yourself to do this because it is extremely for a man to get carried away and allow yourself too deep into the sexual bliss so the sensations take control over you. If you truly would like to please your woman without disappointing her, stop right before you hit the Point of No Return. Once the Point of No Return is reached, you cannot turn back and you will ejaculate no matter what, even if her father walks in on you two with a shot gun in his hands. So, before the reaching the PNR, take your penis out of her vagina and switch to using your fingers or tongue to stimulate her.

#3 – Control your breathing:

Throughout sexual intercourse, make sure you take breaths. Concentrating your own breathing is a great way to direct your focus away from the pleasurable sensations you experience during sex. This tactic will help you to hold back ejaculation for a while longer.

Never feel sorry for yourself if you often ejaculate prematurely and cannot satisfy your woman. Practice the above 3 tactics will help you to become the ideal lover that any woman desires.

About the author:

Lloyd Lester is an expert on premature ejaculation treatment and the creator of “Ejaculation By Command“. His manual is a step-by-step blueprint that teaches men to permanently cure their early ejaculation problems in order last longer in bed. If you wish to develop a superb sexual stamina and fulfill your partner’s sexual desires, please visit: Ejaculation By Command.

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