Premature Ejaculation and the PC Muscle

By Matt Gorden, Creator, Ejaculation Trainer

A lot of people are familiar with the Kegel’s. It is an exercise designed for women for strengthening their vaginal muscles. However, not many people realize that there has been a version designed for men. The major difference between the Kegel’s for women and the Kegel’s for men is that the focus of the male version is on controlling the PC muscle. What is the PC muscle? It is the group of muscle inside your body that run from your anus to the base of your penis and around. Mastering these pelvic muscles can greatly benefit any man, but particularly the men who wish to improve their ejaculatory control and cure their premature ejaculation problem.

It is not easy to learn to contract and release one’s PC muscles at the beginning. You need to locate them first. These muscles are actually the same muscles that you use to stop the flow of your urine. When you stop your stream mid-urination, the muscles you just used are your very own PC muscles. With lots of practice, and by following a regular and consistent routine such as the one taught in the “Ejaculation Trainer” by Matt Gorden, you can also gain better control over your ejaculation by also strengthening your PC muscles. It is not recommended that you train your pelvic muscles by yourself without studying some kind of manual first. The PC muscles of a man are not used very  often and therefore are usually weak, especially in the men who suffer from the problem of premature ejaculation. If you try to exercise your PC muscles in an improper manner, there is a great chance that you can injure your body and cause your PE problem to become even worse.

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions regarding premature ejaculation and the PC muscle is how it is used. Many people actually thought that it is used to hold back orgasm or hold in ejaculation. Although this does help if you are about to pass the point where you can no longer stop yourself from coming, the main focus is supposed to be on how to keep your PC muscle relaxed. If you can manage to master relaxing your PC muscle, it will be extremely beneficial to you, especially if you are suffering from PE. During sex, most of a man’s body is tense, including his PC muscle. Being tense is not good because the tension can increase sensitivity, and increased sensitivity leads to higher states of sexual arousal and therefore cause the man to loss ejaculation control. If your PC muscles are relaxed ruing sexual intercourse, the pressure your body experiences can be lessen and the level of your sexual arousal steps down.

Being able to control your PC muscle not only will help you to last longer in the sack, you will also be able to experience multiple orgasms. The reason is that after you develop a strong PC muscle, you will be able to reduce the semen amount your penis releases during sexual climax by contracting the PC muscle as firmly as you can. Once you achieve this level of control, you can prevent yourself from reaching a full orgasm completely and be ready to climax again within a short period of time. This is very helpful when you engage in both regular sexual intercourse and when you find yourself in a situation where you climax before you want to. By being able to reduce the amount of semen you release, you can keep your sexual arousal level down so you can pleasure your partner longer.

In the “Ejaculation Trainer” by Matt Gorden, he discusses everything about the PC muscle. He does not just tell you to squeeze your PC muscle like most other books out there. His manual actually teaches you to focus more on how to keep your PC muscle relaxed, because by keeping it relaxed, you can prevent the PC muscle contractions at the same time delaying ejaculation. This crucial information is presented in the “Ejaculation Trainer” only.

About the author:

Matt Gorden is the creator of “Ejaculation Trainer“, a program that teaches men how to maintain mental so they can delay ejaculation and last longer. What distinguish his program from others is that it does not neglect any minor factor that may contribute to your premature ejaculation problem. If you are looking for a natural and effective premature ejaculation treatment, look no further, visit: Ejaculation Trainer.

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