Last Longer with the Live Action Edging Technique

By Edward White, Creator, Prejaculation

The purpose of the live action edging technique is to allow you to last longer in bed by increasing your ability to refrain from orgasm when you are extremely stimulated and aroused.

How It Works

Picture a scale from 1 to 10. It is a scale of sexual stimulation. 1 means you are not stimulated, not even a little bit. 3 means you are beginning to become aroused sexually. This is when you can feel you are turned on and your penis is getting but not stimulated enough for you to ejaculate at all.

6 is where you begin to feel really stimulated. If you continue to become more stimulated, you will bring yourself up to 7 which is where you are very stimulated sexually. When you reach beyond a 7 on the sexual stimulate scale, you will be at 9 which is near the point of no return. Passing the point of no return is when you ejaculate definitely, regardless what you do. This live action edging technique involves jerking off until you reach a 7 on the stimulation scale, then immediately backing off until you return to a 4 or a 5, then rapidly speeding up until you get to a 7 or a 8 again. With this technique, you will be able to master control of your stimulation levels so you can extend the length of time you can engage in sexual intercourse without ejaculating. Once you have used the edging technique by yourself for a while, you should try to use the live action edging technique with your partner.

Practice with Your Partner

Start having sex with your partner. Before you start, you should have discussed with her regarding practicing the live edging technique during sex with her and she should be enthusiastic about it. After some adequate foreplay, insert your penis into your partner’s vagina in the sex position that you know creates the least sexual stimulation for you.

Now, build your stimulation level up to a 7 gradually. You must be careful because it is really easy to go past 7 and reach the point of no return when you practice the edging technique in a “live” condition. Once you are at a 7 or just beyond a 7, you should slow down or even pull out of your partner, wait one minute, then gradually build your stimulation back up again. Continue doing this like when you practice the edging technique alone. After a while, you may change the sex position to another one that creates the least stimulation and begin the edging process once again.

Remember, your partner does not have to just lie in the bed doing nothing. You may passionately kiss her, tease her, talk to her, etc. If you do it right, the edging thing not only serves you and is great for your partner as well. Keep experimenting different sex positions and practice the edging technique throughout every one of them. If you ejaculate after a while, do not worry because you are making excellent progress. In your next sexual encounter, you will be able to go even further.

If you use the edging technique together with deep breathing exercises, you will not believe how effective the combination of the two can be. After perhaps only 3 or 4 sexual encounters using this technique, you will discover you can last longer in bed, like 2 or even 3 times longer.

About the author:

Edward White is the creator of “Prejaculation“, the Ultimate Orgasm and Ejaculation Control Manual. His book on premature ejaculation treatment helps men to get rid of their early ejaculation problems permanently so they can last longer in bed. If you wish to learn more on how you can build a supreme sexual stamina and endurance, please visit: Prejaculation.

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