Last Longer in Bed using Proper Breathing Technique

By Edward White, Creator, Prejaculation

When dealing with the problem of premature ejaculation and figuring out ways to last longer in bed, a man tends to only tackle such issue from his point of view, a male point of view to be precise since early ejaculation is after all a male problem.

However, this is not a correct way to deal with the problem of premature ejaculation. The reason is that there are both several key similarities and differences between males and females that, when openly discussed and understood, can greatly help you to last longer in bed and enhance your over all sexual stamina.

Both males and females know that when it comes to sexual arousals, the feeling of sexual sensations are building in their private areas. Both sexes get the immediate sensation about 5 seconds before they climax when they know the orgasm is definitely going to happen.  These are some of the similarities between the two sexes.

However, there is also a major key difference  between the male orgasms and the female orgasms. It involves whether the person breathes or not during the minute or so before an orgasm could technically occur. If a female holds her breath unconsciously for the minute or so before she could potentially climax, her orgasm would be delayed. In other words, it would make it more difficult for her to orgasm when she held her breath. However, if a male holds his breath unconsciously before he could potentially climax, his orgasm would be sped up and he would ejaculate faster. Perhaps only God knows why we were made this way but it is just how it is.

Therefore, when you are engaging in sexual intercourse and would like to delay ejaculation and last longer in bed, this article has some simply premature ejaculation tips that you can follow in order to achieve that.

Premature Ejaculation Tips

Breath slowly and normally. Take breaths only when you need them, do not take them randomly.

Breath deeply and focus on your lower chest and tummy. If you expand your tummy as you inhale and exhale, it will help your lungs to take in more air, which you will feel more relax and calm.

Please do not hold your breath and never hold your breath. If you hold your breath, it will just tense you up and likely cause you to ejaculate prematurely.

If you follow the above premature ejaculation tips, your sexual anxiety will be reduced and your awareness of the sensations in and around your genital will be increased. The natural result is that you will last longer in bed.

About the author:

Edward White is the creator of “Prejaculation“, the Ultimate Orgasm and Ejaculation Control Manual. His book on premature ejaculation treatment helps men to get rid of their early ejaculation problems permanently so they can last longer in bed. If you wish to learn more on how you can build a supreme sexual stamina and endurance, please visit: Prejaculation.

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