How Your Premature Ejaculation Affects Your Relationships

By Matt Gorden, Creator, Ejaculation Trainer

A man who cannot last long enough in bed cannot satisfy his woman sexually. If the sexual desires of his woman is unfulfilled, it will definitely take a toll on their relationship. Intercourse plays a large and an important role in the happiness and the success of a relationship. Over a period of time, sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation can certainly gradually chip away at a relationship for both the man and the woman.

A healthy long-lasting intimate relationship requires effective communication, however it is not easy for a man to openly discuss his sexual issue with a woman due to embarrassment and the feeling of inadequacy. Men tend to feel they are less of a man if they admit that they have trouble controlling their own bodies, their own sexual arousal and their ejaculations. If you are one of these men, you need to realize that not discussing your issue will make things even worse actually. Anger, hurt feelings, and misunderstandings may rapidly escalate, all of which are likely to make your PE problem even worse than before.

A healthy intimate life is crucial for a successful relationship. According to scientists, on an evolutionary level, sex promotes something called the “pair bonding” and if a couple is without an adequate sex life, they cannot bond properly. During sexual intercourse, particularly during sexual climax, chemicals in both partners’ brains such as dopamine and oxytocin are released that fortified the bond between the two. The feeling of trust, security and emotional attachment is increased. Such bonding emotions are quite important to the strength of any couple. If the male partner cannot perform well sexually, the couple cannot experience those bonding chemicals, instead, the couple can experience negative emotions such as disappointment, inadequacy and resentment. When this happens, premature ejaculation will be even more difficult to treat.

Often, a man who has premature ejaculation tends to avoid pursuing any relationship and even go as far as preventing himself from having any sexual encounter due to fear of embarrassment and rejection. They think since they are unable to satisfy women sexually, they just simply do not have sex at all. The vast majority of men will not even tell anyone about their PE problem, especially with someone whom they just met, so when they do try to intimate, the female usually misunderstand why the male is unable to perform. Premature ejaculation, over time, can lead to depression in a man as he has been avoiding relationships in order to prevent people from discovering his issues.

Unlike women, men tends to avoid talking about any kind of their personal issues with anyone else, especially sex problems. The reason is that they believe their masculinity rides on their sexual adequacy so they rather not let any soul know they have sexual performance issues. However, if a man is in a relationship with a woman, he must learn to talk about his issues with his partner. He must learned not to feel embarrassed. Even a man who just embarks on a new intimate relationship should try to open up a little bit at least. It is not necessary for a man to pour his heart out and disclose each and every single intimate detail about his early ejaculation problem. His is only required to open up a little bit. At the same time, his partner should try to be both understanding and patient. A couple in a relationship with effective communication is better able at dealing and resolving any issue than a couple who lacks adequate communication.

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