How to Control Ejaculation and Last Longer in Bed

By Edward White, Creator, Prejaculation

It is so easy for men nowadays to learn how to control ejaculation and last longer in bed since there are many wonderful things happening for modern men in the areas of health and fitness. An excellent example of positive progress is the area of male sexual health: premature ejaculation treatment.

Premature ejaculation almost sounds like some kind of terminal illness for many men. However, it really just means a man suffers poor sexual performance. To be specific, the man is unable to last long enough in bed to fulfill his partner’s sexual desire. If you have accepted the fact that your sexual prowess is not as good as you are hoping it to be and you would like to seek premature ejaculation treatment to better your sex life, you are actually already way ahead of many men out there who suffer the same problem as you do. What kind of men would not want to last longer in bed and satisfy any woman?

So, what do the majority of the adult male population know about how to stop ejaculation in order to last longer in bed? There is the old classic sexual technique which is to take your mind of sex. For example, you try to think about anything non-sexual, such as complex mathematical formulas or dead, rotten animals. For some guys, this particular technique does work once in a while. Another classic method for lasting longer would be wearing double condoms during sex. By wearing two condoms, a man believes this can reduce sexual sensation and therefore delay ejaculation and have sex longer. Again, this method only works for some men, sometimes.

You probably have already noticed the problem with the two techniques described above. These two classic methods can massively reduce your enjoyment and pleasures that you are supposed to get from sex. Sex should not be stressful like that. If you want great sex, you should make it hassle free and exciting. You should not have negative thoughts if you want to have the perfect sex. Although wearing two condoms can grant you a bit more time for delaying ejaculation, it can actually cause you more undesired problems, such as a tear in the condoms caused by a trapped air bubble. You do not want that.

Luckily, there are actually many better and much more stress-free premature ejaculation techniques. If you combine just some of the most effective of these techniques,  you can eradicate your premature ejaculation problem permanently. So what are these techniques for curing premature ejaculation?

Breath Control

Many men do not believe breathing can actually affect their sexual performance and they are right to be skeptical since many have attempted to control ejaculation by controlling their breathing during sexual intercourse without any significant improvement. The reason men do not see much noticeable difference and improvement is because they are not doing it correctly.

How to Breathe Right

  1. Maintain your focus on your lower torso. When you inhale, push out both your lower ribs and tummy. Do not suck in your belly. Consider the action of breathing as going in and out instead of up and down. If you notice your shoulders falling and rising significantly or your chest moves before your tummy, you will reinforce the bad habit of anxious breathing. This will only reduce your control over your sexual arousal massively. Deep breathing actually returns your control over your sexual arousal since it does the reverse.
  2. Breath naturally and do not try to force yourself to breath perfectly regular. Let each breath you take to feel as natural as possible. At the end of every out-breath, rest, and then wait for the in-breath to begin when it is ready. Millions of men out there actually force regular breathing and this creates mental anxiety instead of decreasing it. Try to keep your breath natural and do not force it. This will relax your mind and therefore increase your control over your sexual arousal and result in delaying ejaculation.

Keep practicing the deep breathing technique described in this article. Apply the technique during intercourse and in no time you will improve your sexual performance and impress your lady with your newfound sexual prowess.

There are definitely many techniques that are considered 100% natural and easy to practice for curing premature ejaculation. With these techniques, you will be able to control ejaculation and last longer in bed. You do not need pills creams or sprays to help you prevent premature ejaculation.

About the author:

Edward White is the creator of “Prejaculation“, the Ultimate Orgasm and Ejaculation Control Manual. His book on premature ejaculation treatment helps men to get rid of their early ejaculation problems permanently so they can last longer in bed. If you wish to learn more on how you can build a supreme sexual stamina and endurance, please visit: Prejaculation.

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