Foods to Avoid to Improve Your Prostate Health and Stamina


There are several foods I do not eat so I can make sure my prostate stays in good health. The key is to eat natural food only and avoid all processed food. For example, can you find cheese and hamburgers in the ocean? Can you find white sugars and white flours in the jungles? Here are some of the foods that I recommend to avoid in order to better your stamina and prostate health.

Junk Foods

Eliminate foods that contain a lot of salts. If you like potato chips, beef jerky, pretzels, ham, bottle salad dressing, pizzas, hamburgers, hot dogs, packaged dinners, such as pastas, canned soups, stop consuming them immediately. Too much salts are bad for your overall stamina and prostate health. I used to love salty food very much and I would add soy sauce to almost everything I ate but I have eliminate them altogether. Junk foods are not natural food.

Saturated and Hydrogenated Fats

Avoid eating animal fats because they are not good for your stamina and prostate. If you like cookies, donuts, cakes and French fries, stop now. It is okay to consume some fat but choose healthy fat such as sesame oil, olive oil, margarine. Forget about butter although you may thing it tastes better than margarine. Your health is so much more important.

Fatty Meat

Avoid eating fatty meat such as pork chops. Not only it will improve your prostate health, you will lose weight and trim your waist size. A smaller waist size is associated with better stamina and better prostate health. If you can become a vegan then go for it. If not, always go for the lean meat such as chicken breasts and fish.

Beverages to Avoid

Stop drinking sodas, alcohol, coffee and black teas. Sodas contains too much sugars. As I have mentioned before, not only they make you gain weight and cancer cells love sugars. Moderate your alcohol, coffee and black teas consumptions because they are also not good for your prostate health.

Dairy Products

Men who love dairy products have higher risk of developing prostate cancers. So if you love eating cheese, ice cream and drinking milk, you might want to reduce the consumption of them or just eliminate them altogether. I do not eat any dairy product at all and I am in the best health of my life.

Refined Sugars

Most people love white sugars and so do cancer cells. Eliminate refined sugars from now on. Put honey in your coffee instead of sugars and quite eating pastries, candy, white bread and anything that contains refined sugars. They are not natural for you. Always read the labels before your purchase your foods. If there is refined sugar, put them back on the shelves.



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