Edward White’s “Prejaculation”


Review of “Prejaculation”

First of all, let’s again refresh your understanding of what premature ejaculation really is. If we snooze all the science stuff aside, it simply means that you are unable to last long enough in bed to satisfy your partner – you ejaculate too fast and too soon.

You must have found many free tips and advices on how to cure premature ejaculation on the Internet, but the trouble with these “solutions” is that they are merely a collection of random so called “solutions”  and most of them are tired out and useless. Also, there are some books inside the bookstores out there that claim to they can improve your sexual stamina. However, even though most of them contain excellent information, they seem to only cover methods and techniques to do with only one area of enhancing a man’s sexual performance. For example, they either just teach information on how to last longer by applying certain techniques or the just tell you the psychology behind premature ejaculation.

Therefore, as you can imagine, it is just like learning to play a musical instrument. Let’s say a guitar. You need to buy one book that only covers how to properly hold a guitar. Then, you will have to buy another book on how to correctly strum it and later another on how to accurately tune it. How can this be a good way to learn anything or in this case – learn to enhance your sexual prowess.

Now, this is where the advanced guide Prejaculation by Edward White comes in. His guide is the Holy Grail for men who would like to better their sexual performance and endurance in bed. It covers everything from what food to eat in order to increase your semen volume, to attain complete control over your stimulation levels during intercourse and continue making love throughout the night for as long as you want. Yes, it really covers it all. You will learn what sex positions to use and when to use them, to how to tone your PC muscle, to how to develop a positive attitude and the right mindset.

Prejaculation takes a very scientific approach to solving the premature ejaculation problem. Since this problem is both a physiological and biological problem, this can only be considered a good thing.

So, how does Prejaculation do it?

This program is a step-by-step blueprint created to be easily followed and used. You will not find impractical advice and complicated theories. Instead, you will find plain and simple to understand information. You will learn routines and exercises that can strengthen your PC muscle (the part that controls when you ejaculate). You will learn specific advice on the kind of sex positions you should or should not use and in which order to use them is the best for you. To make it even more straightforward for you to study, you will also see important things being illustrated with diagrams and photos.

Prejaculation will begin with the real causes of the premature ejaculation problem. You will read about the downright falsehoods and the misconceptions surrounding such problem. Then, it will take you right into the heart of the subject. The program covers the following in excellent detail:

  • What you should eat and when you should eat them in order to improve your sexual health and blood flow to and from your genital.
  • How you can use sex positions expertly in order to extend your sexual performance.
  • How you will be able to tone and strengthen your PC muscles in order to grant you more control over when you ejaculate and longer, harder lasting erections.

Everything is written clearly and presented in the order that you need to apply the techniques.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation problem, or perhaps you just want to be even better in the sack, check out Prejaculation by Edward White.