5 Health Benefits of Spicy Foods for Real Men

Do you like spicy foods? Chillies are actually the second most popular spice across all cultures next to salt. If you are a real man, you should love spicy foods. According to researches, adding some spice to your meals can provide your body with health benefits that people never realized before. They will help you to combat diseases and increase your stamina, endurance, and much more. Here are the 5 health benefits of adding some hot spices to your foods.

No. 1 – Help you to prevent cancers

According to scientific researches, the chemical called capsaicin found in jalapeño peppers have the capability of attacking and killing cancerous cells. Capsaicin does it by attacking the mitochondria of the cancer cells. If you know some biology, then you must know that mitochondrias are the powerhouses of cells, sort of like command centres or “drivers” of cells.

No. 2 – Help you to improve your digestion

Although spicy foods have the poor reputation of causing men heartburns, studies show that they also stimulate stomach secretions. Once your stomach secretions are stimulated, not only more blood will flow into your stomach, the mucous lining in your stomach will be increased so it can combat ulcers. If you are one of those men who frequently suffer heartburns from eating spicy foods, you may try taking one or two antacid relief pills. Antacid relief pills can help you to neutralize acids in your stomach.

No. 3 – Help you to lose weight

Spicy foods can actually rev up the metabolism of your body. Once your metabolism is sped up, you will be able to lose more weight. Moreover, research studies have shown that men who eat spicy foods tend to eat smaller portions of meals. In other words, it can greatly reduce your calorie intake so you will be able to lose even more weight.

No. 4 – Help you to improve your sleep patterns

Scientists have found that men who consume spicy foods tend to fell asleep more quickly and easily, have much healthier sleep patterns, can wake up in the morning easier and possess much more energy throughout the day. On the other hand, men who do not eat spicy foods tend to have unhealthy sleep patterns.

No. 5 – Help you to improve your circulation

The spicier the foods you eat, the more they will increase the blood flow in your body. Spicy foods can get your heart pumping and raise the temperature of your body. Notice how much you sweat while eating some very spicy curry. If where you live has a hot climate, spicy foods can actually cool your body by making you sweat, so you will feel cooler.

Men have been eating spicy foods for the past 8,000 years, and peppery hot meals have become even more popular recently due to the newfound health benefits that spicy foods can offer. They are so easy to make. You can literally spice up any food by adding some hot sauce, chilli peppers, peppers, black peppers, or any other hot spice you prefer.

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