4 Keys to a Healthy Relationship

4 Keys to a Healthy Relationship

Before you decide to start a relationship with someone, you should ask yourself what you think a relationship is supposed to be. You have to understand what your desires and needs are from your partner, and what you are willing to offer your partner. If you do this during your first few dates, you will be able to easily figure out if you would like to continue and work towards a future with this person together, and if this person wishes to continue and work towards a future with you of course.

No. 1 – Remember what brought you two together in the first place

If you two have decided to be in a real relationship, both of you must remember what brought you two together in the first place. For example, what do you admire about his or her personality? Do you love his or her kindness? What attracted you to each other both emotionally and physically? Do you like his or her hair? Does he or she make you feel complete? People tend to forget about what brought them together in the first place, so after a while, love fades quickly. Therefore, just be simply remembering can really help a couple boost their relationship with each other.

No. 2 – Do not expect your partner to share your views all the time

Each of us is dependent in our own ideas and beliefs about everything, so you should never expect him or her to see things your way all the time. Although, it is essential for a couple to have similar expectations out of their relationship, it is impossible for two people to always share the same views. You also should not try to change your partner. Love him or her the way he or she is. Give your partner some space and some alone time.

No. 3 – Patience

One of the major keys to a healthy relationship is patience. You will find times when he or she does not respond in a way which is pleasing to you, but that does not mean you must take it personally or seriously. Just take a deep breath, slow down and come up with reasons why he or she may be acting a certain way. Try not to assume and jump to conclusions too soon. You should give him or her some time and make sure he or she knows that you will be there when communication is ready to be re-established again. It does not matter what situation you two may be in, patience is golden in any relationship, unless he or she consistently refuses to discuss issues with you, then perhaps you two should consider either counselling or a break-up.

No. 4 – Honesty

You don’t want to be lied to so you should not lie to your partners as well. We all need to know if we can trust our partners. Being able to trust someone completely creates a zone of comfortableness and safety around us. It is perfectly okay to tell some “white lies” in order to protect your partner from becoming upset. For example, if your parents are not very fond of your partner, it is not really necessary for you to tell him or her that.


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