2 Powerful Strategies to Help Make Your Ejaculation Last Longer

By Lloyd Lester, Creator, Ejaculation By Command

The self-confidence of a man will skyrocket once he masters how to last as long as he wants in bed. However, it is not easy for a man to make his ejaculation last longer without investing effort and time. The reason is that Mother Nature often does not give us what we want. From an evolutionary standpoint, a man is hardwired to come rapidly during sex in general. However, this does not mean a man must follow what Mother Nature has determined for us. It is okay to disobey what you have been genetically predetermined. You do not need to settle for an unsatisfying love-making session.

Believe or not, the sexual stamina of a man is not cast in stone. The problem of early ejaculation is something that can be beaten, and with relative ease. You do not require the use of medicine for premature ejaculation or any other type of commercial solutions, such as numbing cream, sprays and gels that claim to be able to improve your staying power. These products do not even solve your problem permanently but merely some short-term solutions.

If you are serious about curing your premature ejaculation for good, then you need to pay attention to the two simple and proven strategies that will help you to turn your sex life around.

Strategy #1 – “Cognitive Re-positioning”

Altering your thought is vital for improving your sexual stamina. What you need to do is to overhaul how your mind thinks whenever you engage in sexual intercourse. Your mind can greatly influence the length of time you can have sex. Your mental cues can determine how soon you ejaculate and how long you can last. A lot of men experience a certain degree of performance anxiety when they are getting down with their partners in the bedroom. They are worried about whether they will come before their women are satisfied. They are afraid that if they disappoint their women in the sack, the women will leave them and even spread the news that their men are lousy lovers. Such negative mindset ironically sets up a lot of guys for sexual failure right at the beginning. Philosopher Rene Descartes said: “I think, therefore I am.” This is very true in every facet of a man’s life, include a man’s sex life.

So, stop worrying and start living. How do you do that? You may begin by shifting your focus immediately from “genital-centric” sex to “full-body” sensuality. You have other things besides your penis that can be used to pleasure your partner. Learn to connect with your woman emotionally, leverage much more on sensual foreplay and offer your woman an amazing prelude to sexual intercourse. This strategy will make your ejaculation last a lot longer.

Strategy #2 – “Refractory Incentive”

For sure you know that you will experience difficulty to achieve a second ejaculation if you already had one within the past few hours. This refractory is not a disadvantage but an advantage you can use. If you think you are going to be getting some sex tonight, give yourself an initial orgasm by masturbating yourself several hours before the real sex occurs. This is going to decrease the sensitivity of your penis glans to stimulation, and effectively help you to gain more control over your own sexual arousal. This technique requires some strategic planning but it will really make your ejaculation last longer.

About the author:

Lloyd Lester is an expert on premature ejaculation treatment and the creator of “Ejaculation By Command“. His manual is a step-by-step blueprint that teaches men to permanently cure their early ejaculation problems in order last longer in bed. If you wish to develop a superb sexual stamina and fulfill your partner’s sexual desires, please visit: Ejaculation By Command.

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