2 Natural Techniques for Lasting Longer in Bed

By Lloyd Lester, Creator, Ejaculation By Command

Do you want to learn the 2 natural techniques for lasting longer in bed? If you are reading this article, then you must do. You are probably in a relationship with a woman whom you love so you want to bring the intimate aspect of your relationship to a higher level. Perhaps you are a player who wants to impress as many ladies as you can whenever you pick them up at the clubs.

Not being able to last long enough is both a disappointing and frustrating problem, isn’t it? The lack of sexual stamina can hurt the confidence and the self-esteem of a man really bad, and it is not easy to figure out what to do to deal with the issue. If you are suffering from PE, do not despair. There is no need for you to see a doctor or a sex therapist. A lot of men actually have managed to work through the problem of early ejaculation on their own and now living happy sex lives. These men have achieved banishing premature ejaculation without the use of medicine, sprays, creams or silly contraceptives such as speciality condoms designed for better sexual endurance. If they can do it, so can you.

The following 2 techniques are extremely effective in boosting your staying power and turning you into the lover that you have always wanted to become.

Technique #1 – “Equilateral Breathing”

This technique sounds fancy but it really is not. It is simple, targeted breathing. When you are engaging in sexual intercourse, control your breathing by inhaling the air very slowly and count to five. Hold the air in your lungs for another count of give and then exhale the air slowly for another give beats.

Repeat this simple breathing pattern whenever you feel your sexual arousal rising too rapidly. This breathing technique can calm your sexual nerves very quickly and therefore make you last longer in bed.

Technique #2 – “Passion Positioning”

This technique builds from the first technique “Equilateral Breathing” and requires you to experiment with different sexual positions. Not only this is a simple technique, it can make intercourse much more fun and exciting. The two important things that make a position an excellent one are it must turn your woman on and it must turn you on… but not too much.

There are sex positions that can make you last longer than others. Each man is different in terms of how his arousal plays out during sex. However, it has been proven that the cowgirl position can help most men, not all, last longer. Cowgirl position is to allow your woman riding on top of you as you lay on your back comfortably and relaxed.

The common missionary position that most people use can actually make you orgasm too soon and too fast. You need to modify this position by positioning your woman at the edge of the bed while you either kneel or stand in between her legs as she lays on her back. This modified missionary position can enhance your staying power when you are inside her. Moreover, not only it offers you a delicious view of your woman’s sexy body, you can use your hands to romp the sensual parts of her body.

If you are persistent in practicing these 2 natural techniques, within few weeks, not only you will be able to increase your staying power, your woman will love you even more for the sensational sex that you constantly provide her.

About the author:

Lloyd Lester is an expert on premature ejaculation treatment and the creator of “Ejaculation By Command“. His manual is a step-by-step blueprint that teaches men to permanently cure their early ejaculation problems in order last longer in bed. If you wish to develop a superb sexual stamina and fulfill your partner’s sexual desires, please visit: Ejaculation By Command.

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