2 Excellent Tips for Stopping Early Ejaculation for Good

By Lloyd Lester, Creator, Ejaculation By Command

Maybe the most embarrassing thing that can happen to a man is to try to satisfy his woman in bed but only to end up ejaculating way before she even has managed to warm up. Now, what you need to know is that the problem of early ejaculation is actually not a disease and if you choose to do something about it you may turn it around for good with relative ease.

That is right. The lack of sexual endurance is something that you can overcome if you apply yourself. Moreover, it is never too late to do something about your rapid ejaculation problem if you are suffering from it. Tell yourself that you can defeat premature ejaculation.

Here is the simple truth…

Many of the best solutions for combating premature ejaculation actually start from your home instead of a medical clinic. There is no need to pay the doctor or a sexual therapist any visit so you can avoid any unnecessary embarrassment.

– You can cure premature ejaculation by using specific breathing techniques

– You can treat premature ejaculation with the correct exercises

– You can enhance your sexual endurance with the right information

There are 2 proven strategies that any man can use immediately for increasing his staying power.

# 1 – “Anchor Your Breathing”

Breathing correctly is vital for improving your sexual stamina. What is breathing? It is a totally involuntary, natural act. If a man breaths improperly during sex, it can cause him to ejaculate prematurely. The reason is that the quick short burst of breaths that come with the throes of sexual excitement rapidly increases the need for man’s body to release sexual tension through a climax – sooner rather than later.

An effective strategy to overcome this problem is to anchor your breathing through a deliberate, conscious pattern of exhalation and inhalation. By doing this, it will slow your metabolism and heart rate and helps you last until you are ready to come. Also, this strategy helps you to focus on your woman’s pleasures by directing your attention away from the sensations your genital is experiencing.

#2 – “Modulate Your Movement”

When you are engaging in sexual intercourse, do your best to make a conscious effort to identify the sex positions, angle of penetration, speed of thrust that cause your arousal to rapidly increase. After you identify them, try to modulate or change your movements so you can prevent yourself from reaching the “point of no return”. Almost all the guys tend to get themselves too deep into the sexual bliss while penetrating their women and are not aware that that their excitement is rapidly escalating. For example, if you realize that you tend to reach orgasms too quickly while engaging in the missionary position, which involves lots of thrusting movements, you can alter the position to a more passive one, such as the cowgirl position, which is to allow your woman to ride you by sitting on top of you instead.

If you are a premature ejaculator, you will learn to overcome your problem by studying the proper strategies. The 2 excellent tips above can help you to improve your sexual stamina and transform you into a much better lover whom every woman desires.

About the author:

Lloyd Lester is an expert on premature ejaculation treatment and the creator of “Ejaculation By Command“. His manual is a step-by-step blueprint that teaches men to permanently cure their early ejaculation problems in order last longer in bed. If you wish to develop a superb sexual stamina and fulfill your partner’s sexual desires, please visit: Ejaculation By Command.

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